Quality of Parts

Our quality process


Short consumable life leads to reduced productivity and higher consumable costs. There are certain features in consumables where a ten-thousandth of an inch (.0025 mm) can make a dramatic difference in quality and performance. We know the dimensions that matter and manufacture them to our standards part after part.

These dimensions are focused on early in the development process to make sure we are able to manufacture parts that are consistently held within a range 50% narrower than the engineering tolerances. This is what our proprietary quality process is all about.

We do this because we understand how damaging inconsistent consumables can be:

  • Potential torch damage
  • Valuable production time wasted
  • Increased scrap rates
  • Expensive rework

After the same number of starts, the Plasma Tech electrode on the left shows a well-centered pit and is about half used. Due to poor manufacturing, the non-Plasma Tech part on the right has eroded past the hafnium insert and must be replaced prematurely.