Technology Value

Deliver superior cut performance


Most of the performance of a plasma system happens in the torch. High-pressure gas flows are controlled by the features and positioning of the consumables to shape the 40,000° F plasma arc.

We employ the world's largest team of plasma process engineers to develop designs that accomplish the complex task of shaping, constricting and centering the plasma arc. Our designs deliver superior cut performance, while sufficiently cooling the consumables to provide you with the longest-lasting consumables available.

Our testing process
We used a rigorous Plasma Tech laboratory test protocol to benchmark electrodes and nozzles against the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The 20-second cut test involves repeated piercing and cutting of mild steel plate with precise measurement of cut angularity at intervals during the test. 1/2-inch mild steel (13 mm) was used for benchmarking 200-amp cut quality over life; 1/4-inch (6 mm) steel was used for 100-amp testing.